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Bloggers and PR agencies: 8 tips for bloggers

Brand and PR agencies love to work with bloggers, vloggers, influencers,… for different reasons:

  • Content creation: pictures, text or video
  • Gain reach (visibility)
  • Reach and activate specific target groups
  • Discover new points of view
  • Storytelling

But how do you stand out as a blogger for a PR agency? When are you interesting for a PR agency and their customers/brands?

Let us give 8 tips for bloggers:


1. Blog for the right reason

Spread your passion and don’t only blog for free stuff. But passionate bloggers will stand out because blogging is intense work. Ask yourself the question: What do you want to achieve with your blog?


2. Don’t be too general

Specialize yourself in certain themes. Discover you unique talents, passions and interests.


3. Make qualitative content and a professional website

Go for qualitative content on your blog and social media. The design of your blog or website should reflect who you are and what you do. Nice articles with inspiring pictures on a user-friendly blog. Of course, everyone has a personal taste. Use of the right titles, hashtags, tags,… can mean a lot for visibility (SEO).


4. Create your own style 

Authenticity is important. Other blogs can be inspiring but try to create and develop you own style and word of mouth.


5. Activate your network

Make good content and choose the right social media channels for distribution:  Bloglovin’, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn,…


6. Be honest

Honesty about stats, experiences, product and so on.


7. Stay in control of your blog

Only collaborate with brands that are in line with your blog and style. Dare to ask a fair compensation for you work.


8. Be patient and lean constantly

Persevere, plan blog moments, read other blogs and learn from other bloggers. Stats and visitors are nice but enjoy blogging and the experiences you share.


Keep these tips in mind when developing your blog and PR agencies will soon notice you. Don’t forget to mention your contact details on your blog.

Good luck and have fun!

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