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Brands and influencers: the Triangl success story

In 2012 Craig Ellis, former Australian football player, and his fiancée Erin Deering came up with the idea to launch a new line of swimwear. They moved to Hong Kong and without a big marketing budget they launched their brand: Triangl. Triangl is specialized in neoprene bikinis, affordable & effortlessly cool. Neoprene is a really versatile fabric to work with and that basically set the aesthetic for the whole Triangl brand. The bikinis are bright and bold, with a focus on block color combinations.

Triangl is growing fast and currently selling more than 45.000 bikinis a month worldwide.


The Paloma Bikini Tonal Crochet + Neoprene 'Nero' Floral Bloom ???? @anna.pogribnyak

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Instagram marketing

At the start of Triangl, the marketing budget was very limited. So Triangl focused gaining reach by Instagram. They reached out to celebrities and influencers with a gifting program. When Kendall Jenner, half-sister of Kim Kardashian, appeared on Instagram with a Triangl bikini, the ball got rolling and sales increased massively.

Meanwhile the brand keeps growing with a directed marketing strategy on Instagram: reaching out to Instagram influencers and bloggers with a noncommittal gifting program. Triangl also invests in an excellent customer experience with e-mail assistance and chat.


Example of a Triangl email to influencers:

We found your Instagram account – we love your page!
We have this fun little gifting program at Triangl.
We would love to send you a bikini from our website. There are no strings attached at all!

If you have any questions re: sizing – ask me, alternatively, for real time sizing advise we strongly suggest that you jump into our LiveChat available 24/7!


Also Belgian bloggers were already involved in the Triangl gifting program:




Will you be the next Triangl Girl?


A gifting program is 1 of the many opportunities to collaborate with bloggers. Obviously other blogger collaborations are possible: reviews, giveaways, campaigns,…

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